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Specialist Glass

St Leonards Glass Co offers bespoke mirrors to your exact specifications.

Our mirrors are manufactured to a superior quality standard and offer 94% light reflection on 4mm thickness. Due to its environmentally-friendly copper and lead-free characteristics, our products are able to be utilised across a wide variety of buildings and applications including walls, partitions, doors, displays, ceilings, cupboards, wardrobes and other furniture. Our mirror is also available with the addition of a special safety film backing to protect against possible injury resulting from breakage, it makes it the ideal choice for applications anywhere in the home where there is a greater risk of accidental damage, e.g. doors, wardrobes and children's rooms.

All our mirrors are made to measure to your specification using 3mm, 4mm or 6mm mirrored glass.

We can cut mirror to almost any shape and size (if you are after a specific shape please bring in a sturdy template). We offer safety backed mirrors for use in common impact areas, non safety backed mirrors, polished and bevelled edges, drilled holes for wall fixings and also sandblasting. 4mm & 6mm mirrored glass (straight cut) can be cut to size while you wait, any extra work (polishing, drilling holes) will take a little longer. Our mirrors have been used in bathrooms, gyms, dancing studios, living rooms and bedrooms, so just about anywhere you can think of.

*Clean cut edge will have sharp edges and should only be used for framed mirrors. Clean cut mirrors should never be used when the outside edges are exposed, they can also have 1-2mm chips to the edge as the mirror will not have been machine polished.

*We request that all templates are made from hardboard, MDF or plywood. We will NOT accept templates made from cardboard or paper.

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Beautiful mirrored walls in bathroom by St Leonards Glass
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Glass splash-back by St Leonards Glass
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