Slatted soffit board above a garage door

Soffit's & Fascia's

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No more painting old wooden eaves boards. You can entirely replace old timber fascias or cover the old wood with High-Quality PVC boards. Matching soffit boards are also available in solid PVC or hollow PVC tongue and groove boards, both of which come with prevented options. With plastic gutters and eaves roof protection, you can forget it for years.

A common choice as they blend in well with white windows and doors and the cost is very little almost cheaper than repair and painting and blend with any gutter system.

Types of boards

  • White UPVC square
  • Bull-nosed
  • Ogee barge boards

UPVC is maintenance-free and comes in various thicknesses from 9mm to 25 mm Soffits are available in hollow or solid boards both 9mm thick.

Colour Options:
White foil colour option
White Foil
Cream foil colour option
Cream Foil
Irish oak colour option
Irish Oak
golden oak colour option
Golden Oak
chartwell green colour option
Chartwell Green
rosewood colour option
7016 Grey colour option
7016 Grey
Black brown colour option
Black Brown
white fascia board
Replacement Fascia Board
white capping fascia board
Capping Fascia Board
flat white soffit board
Flat Board
white soffit board
Soffit Board
product image of white vented soffit
Vented Board